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Yaz Dvt Side Effects

Yaz birth control pills have been heavily marketed by Bayer Healthcare since winning FDA approval in 2006. As a result, the oral contraceptive has become a market leader in the U.S., reportedly capturing an 18% share of the market and generating $616 million in 2008 alone. Sales continue to be strong. Unfortunately, millions of women who are taking this drug are at risk of developing Yaz DVT (also known as deep vein thrombosis).

Because Yaz combines estrogen with an artificial hormone called drospirenone, it sharply increases the risk of blood clots. Yaz DVT is a condition in which these clots form within a deep vein (typically in the lower leg). If the clots break loose, they can travel with your bloodstream toward your lungs. This puts you at risk of suffering pulmonary embolism.

There are several ways to treat Yaz DVT. Below, we’ll focus primarily on how a vena cava filter is used to catch blood clots before they reach your pulmonary arteries. We’ll also take a brief look at other forms of treatment.

How A Vena Cava Filter Is Used

The treatment of choice for blood clots caused by Yaz birth control pills is anticoagulant therapy. This is administered with heparin or warfarin (Coumadin). If these anticoagulants are ineffective in preventing further clotting, or your body tolerates them poorly, a vena cava filter can be used.

Your inferior vena cava is the largest vein in your body. It is the passageway through which blood from your lower body is returned to your heart. Blood clots that break loose from within a deep vein can travel through the vena cava toward your heart and lungs. If the clots block a coronary or pulmonary artery, they can cause heart attack or pulmonary embolism, respectively.

A vascular surgeon can position a vena cava filter in order to catch emboli (traveling clots) as they make their way toward your heart and lungs. The surgeon will insert the filter by using a catheter, and threading it to an optimal site within the inferior vena cava. The filter is shaped liked an umbrella and functions like a metallic net. It catches clots and prevents them from causing life-threatening arterial blockages.

In the past, such devices were permanent. Today, retrievable filters can be used as a temporary solution while other forms of treatment are ad
ministered. However, there is a risk of injury during retrieval if cells of the vena cava wall have overgrown the filter.

Other Forms Of Treatment For Yaz DVT

As noted, doctors prefer to treat Yaz DVT with anticoagulant therapy (i.e. heparin and warfarin) before exploring other solutions. That said, if blood clots are large, or they pose serious health risks, thrombolytic medications may be used to dissolve them. Because such medications pose a risk of severe bleeding, doctors will typically reserve their use for situations in which pulmonary embolism is a significant threat.

In rare cases where a dangerous DVT is unresponsive to non-surgical therapy, surgeons will recommend venous thrombectomy. This is a procedure during which the offending clot is removed from the deep vein. It is only used when there is a risk of tissue death and gangrene.

It’s important to underscore the risk of blood clots when taking Yaz birth control pills. Many women who have never experienced clotting in the past have developed clots after taking this oral contraceptive. If you have suffered abnormal clotting, DVT, pulmonary embolism, or other dangerous Yaz side effects, you may have the legal right to file a claim.

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